Jazz Mount Rushmore

1. Kind of Blue

2. Chet Baker Sings

3. Sarah Vaughan with Clifford Brown

4. Billie Holiday Love Songs

And You?


Too many to list, but the Clifford Brown/Max Roach records are up there. 


First, maybe we should establish what is the definition of "Jazz".

When you think "Jazz", what/who comes to mind?  For me, I do not always think of the old classic musicians mentioned above.  Miles on occasion maybe.

hoo, boy. when talkin about jazz with folks who like it but arent knowledgeable, i explain. in rock, you have the the top two ATG guitar players, duanne allman and jimi hendrix. in late 50s-early70s jazz, you have at least 20 of those guys. 

theres no mount rushmore big enough for all the faces itd need to be a mount rushmore of jazz.