Jazz Recommendations

I am just starting to get into Jazz. I recently bought Thelonious Monk Quartet "Live at Monterey" and was blown away. Could you recommend other mainstream Jazz recordings that I should have in a basic collection to help me get started.
We Get Requests -Oscar Peterson with Ray Brown on bass.
Picked up the K2HD cd a few months back and it's a marvel both sonically and more important musically.
Freddie Hubbard "First Light" No more war in this world if everyone listened to this....I can dream

Bought a new Christmas CD today, and gave it a whirl tonight. There's some really good jazz arrangements on it. Very entertaining hour spent listening.

The biggest joy though was how GREAT the recording was. Wow, was I pleasantly surprised. This is the best sounding CD I have purchased in quite a long time.

If you are in the mood for Christmas music with a jazz twist, give Brian Culberson's "Soulful Christmas" album a spin. It's not sleepy elevator jazz at all. Great stuff. Superb musicians, great arrangments, and hats off to the audio engineer.
I think this is a thread that deserves to be bumped. I don't have any specific recommendations. I listen to the standards like Miles, Armstrong, Coltrane, Burbeck, Krall, Barber. I have "Jazz at the Pawnshop". Yes I also listen to Steely Dan and Zappa. Even a little Glenn Miller. I have big band, swing, hard bop, fusion and modal offerings. But this thread gave me a few more options so I thought I'd bump it.