Jazz Recs for Classical Music Fan - Challenging

Having acquired 1000s of classical CDs (probably more than I could ever listen to), I think that it is time to start with some Jazz. I know there are a lot of forums, websites, and books that give much great advice on how to approach the subject. However, I am looking for more particular recommendations. Perhaps some fellow posters with classical tastes in the Romantic and Modern eras could give some recs that would nicely bridge the gap. I've tried to make my way into Jazz a couple of times, but haven't been successful to date. Perhaps someone here can help me make the breakthrough.

Here are some of the things I am looking for:
1) Decent recordings. This probably means something from the 60s, forward. A little tape hiss is OK, but excessively remastered or noisy recordings are not what I'm looking for. I know that many of the great recordings are from the 30s through the 50s, and I have ordered a couple of those.
2) Naturally recorded. No amplification, no over-miking, good engineering. Vocals should be minimally or not amplified. Soundstage needs to be realistic. The venue should be apparent. No 50 ft clarinets and vocals eminating from the entire soundstage.
3) Acoustic instruments. I do not like electronic music.
4) No divas-come-lately. I don't care to hear the latest 22 year old with a big voice, amplified and electronically filtered to 'perfection', a pretty album cover, and a marketing campaign to tell me how great she is.
5) Emotional content. Not just for tapping your foot or for background music.
6) Great performances. Not just something that came out last month with high recommendations in the press.
7) Probably smaller ensemble pieces. Vocals, piano, quartets, etc.
8) There may be some labels that have classical and jazz recordings that overlap (?ECM).

I know BMG won't have much of this stuff, but I continue to be surprised at what they do carry. I've already found about 10 of the recommendations on their website so far. They even have contracts with smaller classical labels such as ECM, Hyperion, BIS, etc.
Miles Davis - In A Silent Way
Keith Jarrett - Koln Concert
Weather Report - various
Harold Budd - The Room (not really classified as Jazz)
A few more:
Charles Lloyd, "The Water is Wide" (small group)
Marcus Roberts, "Alone with Three Giants" (piano)
Joe Henderson, "Lush Life: The Music of Billy Strayhorn (small group) and "So Near, So Far: Musings for Miles" (small group)


Jim Crane
I'm a big fan of romatic era classical music ... Brahms, Schumann, some Beethoven etc etc.
My favourite jazz disc is "Our man in Paris" by Dexter Gordon (tenor sax) on the Blue Note label.
The recording is very natural, dating from the 60s.
There is some magical tenor sax playing.
Try some esbjorn svensson. great piano trio ...do a google check for bio as well as some excerpts.also try bbc3..jazz
.there are many soundclips from all different types of jazz.
keep an open mind.