Jazz trombone anyone?

Was listenng to Enrico Rava quartet this evening and the trombonist caught my attention! Wonderful full, smooth and deep sound. Any music recommendations for jazz trombone as a featured or accompanying instrument?
Often overlooked by hardcore jazzers -- who tend to disdain regular *bands* (like the MJQ) and *song*-form instrumental material -- is Wayne Henderson's outstanding work with the Jazz Crusaders (acoustic 60's) and later the jes' plain Crusaders (electric 70's).

And then you can never ever go wrong with JB/Horny Horns 'bone man Fred Wesley. Is it jazz? Better question: Who cares when you can't sit down?
Granchon Moncur III Evolution Cd is one of my all time faves. Mosiac records has a 3 CD set with all his Blue Note recordings(Evolution is included) plus it has two CD's by Jackie McClean(One Step Beyond and Destination Out) which in my opinion is some of his best avant gard work. Very Trippy.Bobby Hutchinson joins Granchon on all three mentioned works.
Engaging mix of ancient Mongolian msic interacting with Rudd's trombone. Recommended to stretch your ears: Blue Mongol-

"On Blue Mongol, Roswell Rudd mixes his trombone with the folk sounds of Mongolian Buryat Band, but Roswell is not just any jazz trombonist.

A key figure in the free jazz movement of the 1960s, Roswell reintroduced the smears and growls that hadn't been in jazz since the Dixieland era of tailgating trombone. Then, for 3 decades on and off, Roswell assisted Alan Lomax with his world song project, thus gaining a wide and deep knowledge of the world's many musical styles. In 2002, two Mongolian musicians visited Roswell at his home in New York. They found the kinship between the resonated overtones of their throat singing and of the trombone. Two years later, one of the musicians returned as a member of excellent Mongolian female singer Badma Khanda's band and a recording between the re-named band and Roswell eventuated. The result is an odd-sounding but likeable mix of Roswell's trombone and the ensemble's zither, dulcimer, lute, flute, vocals and percussion on a selection of Mongolian traditional songs plus some Rudd originals, an 'American Medley' and a song from West Africa, all proudly pentatonic."
Bob Brookmeyer (a valve trombonist) put our some great stuff including an album with Stan Getz. I also highly recommend any of the J.J. Johnson/Kai Winding colaborations.