JBL 250ti's or something new....

I'm a vintage audio nerd, particularly old JBL.  I have the opportunity to get a pair of JBL L250ti's from a friend, but it involves a trip from FL to PA and back, and about $2800.  I'm wondering if there's a equal/better newer alternative out there.  I'm not super familiar with newer gear, but I figure for around $3,000, I can get some high quality brand new/newish speakers....I'm just not totally sure.  Apparently the L250's are pretty hard to beat....

thoughts and/or suggestions?  
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yes I've heard them...that's what made me fall in love with them, but there are soooooo many speakers out there that I haven't heard yet..haha...I've always been a fan of vintage stuff, but I'm also sick of worrying about re-capping and tracking down rare speakers in good condition and all that crap.  I'd love to just get something newer that just works and is in good shape.  But I've always found that older stuff was build like a tank and designed in a era where a lot of people still sat and listening to music.  Now it seems like people care more about listening to movies which I genuinely could care less about.  I just want an awesome 2ch set up for listening to music.  

I keep hearing about these JBL Studio 590's.  They are new and about $1,000 a piece, but regularly go on sale for half off.  $1,000 for brand new bi-ampable JBL's designed by Greg Timbers sounds pretty interesting to me.  
I am a big fan of jbl . I have several different pairs of them and would not say no to 250s if they were within a couple hours drive. Jbls are always rebuildable and if not a short wait on ebay and the part you desire shows up. Be easy to sell again if you change your mind. But i think once you hear them you wont.  They dont come up often , which says something. 
I suggest you read between the lines on this review. Pretty obvious this reviewer did not like these speakers. Vintage speakers dont compare to newer offerings IMO.