JBL 4367 = Sleep Denervation

I am having a real problem created by the JBL 4367… I can’t stop listening to them. I have been up late (2:00am-3:00am) every night this week and can’t seem to turn them off. I found an extremely good deal on a new pair and bought these blind. They might not even be broken in yet and honestly I am completely blown away. Had/have what I would consider a very good system but nothing too crazy (Revel/Mcintosh/JL, pictures in my profile) and this is a big step change improvement.


The texture in the bass is much better than my JL E112 subs. Enough so that I have lowered the hi-pass frequency to 40hz. The highs are the most delineated I have heard. Where other good speakers shimmer, on the 4367 you hear the actual ride and subtle move of the high hat. I have never heard anything like it. The mids are clear like the Revels but seem to bring a sense of power. Everything just has a real feel to it with amazing texture and tone. There is texture in the bass I have only ever heard on headphones or large super speakers. The soundstage is big and stable, actually extremely stable. I hear no box or driver resonances of any kind.


Best of all even standard recording music sounds good. Old grunge, metal , 60s classics, 80s pop is good, modern computer-generated music, it all sounds good. Average recordings have dynamics that did not seem to be there before and audiophile music just explodes out of the speaker. While audio memory is short and it is impossible to know I would go as far to say this is the best speaker I have heard for my tastes in sound. I am struggling to come up with anything I dislike in the sound (now we could talk about the looks lol, and why is it so short?!?)


This is best system change I have ever made. If you have been curious about this speaker don’t wait and give it a try. If you are looking at more expensive speakers maybe give the JBL 4367 a try first and “save” some money.


McIntosh MC462 (4 ohm tap). I am also high passing from a pair of JL subs right around 45hz.

I have the HF trim at -0.5db and the UHF trim at -1.0db. I find these trim settings greatly effect the sound from warm to bright if you want it. I believe the HF from is from 1.5k to 6k and the UHF trim is 5k up.

@james633 , You are not even 50% of the way there yet. Your speakers are capable of even better performance! 

The woofer in the 4367 is crossed over to the horn at 700 Hz. That covers a huge amount of the mid range. Remember, middle C is 256 Hz. 700 Hz covers more than another octave!  Do you know what Doppler shift is? That is when a car honks it's horn while it is passing you, the horn changes tone. That is what a woofer does when it moves towards you then away from you, it shifts the frequency of everything else it is reproducing. This is called distortion! This movement is most pronounced at very low frequencies. If you can see the woofer moving it is causing Doppler distortion. This usually occurs below 100 Hz. In the case of your speaker probably 80 Hz. If you have a test record with frequency bands you can see when this happens. Adding subwoofers to a system is not only to add more low end, it is also to lower distortion in the main speaker. With these speakers a minimum of two 12" subs is required and you have to use a high pass filter on the main amplifier, a full two way crossover. Digital is best. Crossover at 80 Hz. Do this and you will take your system a large step forward. 



I have not tried the 8 ohm tap yet but maybe I should. On my other speakers if chose a tap above the lower ohm limit it tends to make them brighter. Using the lower tap does reduce power but power is not an issue. I will have to look at the measurements again but I think the 4367 is around 6 ohm minimum.