JBL 4367 = Sleep Denervation

I am having a real problem created by the JBL 4367… I can’t stop listening to them. I have been up late (2:00am-3:00am) every night this week and can’t seem to turn them off. I found an extremely good deal on a new pair and bought these blind. They might not even be broken in yet and honestly I am completely blown away. Had/have what I would consider a very good system but nothing too crazy (Revel/Mcintosh/JL, pictures in my profile) and this is a big step change improvement.


The texture in the bass is much better than my JL E112 subs. Enough so that I have lowered the hi-pass frequency to 40hz. The highs are the most delineated I have heard. Where other good speakers shimmer, on the 4367 you hear the actual ride and subtle move of the high hat. I have never heard anything like it. The mids are clear like the Revels but seem to bring a sense of power. Everything just has a real feel to it with amazing texture and tone. There is texture in the bass I have only ever heard on headphones or large super speakers. The soundstage is big and stable, actually extremely stable. I hear no box or driver resonances of any kind.


Best of all even standard recording music sounds good. Old grunge, metal , 60s classics, 80s pop is good, modern computer-generated music, it all sounds good. Average recordings have dynamics that did not seem to be there before and audiophile music just explodes out of the speaker. While audio memory is short and it is impossible to know I would go as far to say this is the best speaker I have heard for my tastes in sound. I am struggling to come up with anything I dislike in the sound (now we could talk about the looks lol, and why is it so short?!?)


This is best system change I have ever made. If you have been curious about this speaker don’t wait and give it a try. If you are looking at more expensive speakers maybe give the JBL 4367 a try first and “save” some money.


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there is almost no information comparing these very large subs other than home theater applications and I don’t trust those opinions as their wants are far different from mine. It is hard to say how something like the SUB18 compare to the JTR captivators which also measures well.

Looking at the data of those two sub options (i.e.: JBL SUB18 vs. JTR Captivator RS1), it’s clear the lower tuned JTR is digging deeper with the same diameter driver from a smaller enclosure volume, and per Hofmann’s Iron Law that translates into lower efficiency. With the JBL’s rated at 92dB sensitivity, somewhere between moderate to high eff., it means the JTR’s are down there in the 85-87dB sensitivity region (certainly not higher). The thing is you don’t merely compensate with more power for a same-same scenario wrt. perceived bass imprinting between the two subs; even playing similar SPL’s they don’t sound the same, contrary to what measurements may indicate in the central bass area where most musical information resides. My assumption would be for the JBL sub to be somewhat more tuneful and textured in its bass response compared to the JTR, hereby being the better match to your 4367’s. Coming down to it the SUB18’s don’t go that much deeper than your mains (half an octave perhaps), but the real takeaway is high-passing the 4367’s in the 80Hz vicinity and have those SUB18’s (two of them, no less) take over from here. That is, relieve your 4367’s of central to low bass for cleaner and more dynamic mids and upper bass, and let the subs do what they do best here - THAT will make a difference. While the JTR’s dig deeper to make for some infrasonic effects with movies I’d wager the JBL subs are the better match with movies as well, even giving up sub 20Hz reproduction, being they likely provide better central bass slam and "bite" while being of the same "sonic cloth" as the main speaker woofers. This is not trivial, and something many overlook. Remember, integration is key.



thank you for the well written comment. My thoughts align with yours. I am not too worried about home theater (it is a duel room, but I am a 99% music 1% movies based on time spent doing each). Honestly I am am a little worried about infrasonics of those JTRs in the house. My wife says she already opens the basement and closet doors when I watch movies so they don’t rattle lol ?!?  Faux atmos no extra charge lol. 

I have to have subs to enjoy music on my home system. I have had subs for 15 years now and there really is no going back, typically I highpass around 60hz depending on room/speaker.  Based on comments here and some reading I will lean toward the JBL SUB18s when I am ready (maybe later this year).  I need an external crossover and amps so things get pricy quick.

I assume the SUB18 is still in production. Looks like B&H will order it. I have no JBL dealer around me and JBL’s website could not be any worse. It is hard to tell what they even make these days. 

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I’d wager the JBL subs are the better match with movies as well, even giving up sub 20Hz reproduction, being they likely provide better central bass slam and "bite" while being of the same "sonic cloth" as the main speaker woofers. This is not trivial, and something many overlook. Remember, integration is key.

I agree!


A used JBL B460 sub will match well with the JBL 4367's. See below:






I just want to add:

For anyone using the 4367 with standard smaller wattage amps. Please try biamp it. You’d be surprised how much "air", the atmospheric data and details there can be.

I started with a pass lab x250.8, then a single ahb2, then 2xahb2. Then out of curiosity I figure I’d try another pair that was suppose to goto 2nd system.

Absolutely amazing. The realism and airiness is mesmerizing.

I went to THE audio show, and I couldn’t find a system that I think can better my setup, that had never happen before.

So whatever power/current u can throw at it, try and see.

480w@6ohm for just the horn section is absolutely overkill, but everyday I’m at awe to what I’m hearing.

I'm a bit late to this thread but, thank you to everyone posting such great information.

I'm a longtime 4430 user and will receive a pair of 4367's this week to update my listening room. I can confirm how difficult it is to match sub(s) to the 15" JBL driver. I eventually gave up trying to do so with my 4430's. 

Once I get my 4367's dialed in, I'll give it a try again with the suggestions provided here.  Thanks again!