JBL Everest DD67000 vs. Avantgarde Duo Mezzo


I'd like opinions of members who have compared or listened to JBL Everest DD67000 and Avantgarde Duo Mezzo (not the new XD version).

I auditioned Avantgarde Uno Nano in 2011 and really liked it. I don't have any exposure to Avantgarde Duo Mezzo yet. Last week I compared JBL Everest DD67000 against Revel Salon 2 and I liked JBLs much more.

Thus, I am going to choose between JBL Everest DD67000 and Avantgarde Duo Mezzo. 

Please help me by expressing frankly!
I would think that Shindo amp would be great with the Avantgardes assuming you already own it. Room size- you don't need a huge room for horns, mine's larger than yours but you could get it to work- you'll probably be a little more "near field" than I like- my listening chair is about 13 feet from the speaker line, with several feet of distance behind me (along with treatment) and a few feet to play with at the front of the room where the amps and speakers are situated.
I don't know if set up is different for the mezzo than the older Duo, but there's lot's of advice on this forum about set up tricks, how to toe in, angle the speaker for your listening position, etc. One of the issues --since the woofers are integral to the frame holding the horns--is getting a position that gives you good bass in your room and also maximizes the stereo image.
As for range of music, I listen to everything from reggae, old blues records, early metal, hard rock, folk to classical and jazz.
The differences in recording quality will be quite apparent- but much of what I listen to is "standard" issue records from back in the day (admittedly, some quite recherché these days), rather than audio porn. In other words, you can, with good set up and associated gear, tap into the vein of the music- those lesser recordings still won't sound better than they are, but you will hear quite a bit of information. The trick is getting the system into a nice balance --i know that sounds like matching colorations--but you can get rich tone, very visceral presentation and horn dynamics without getting annoying horn artifacts or shrillness. One issue to contend with running speakers this efficient is noise- inter component grounding issues, for example, which won't be as pronounced on a less sensitive speaker. But, if you put it all together right, you will be able to hear far more musical information at relatively modest volume levels- you don't have to crank the volume control to get immediacy or vividness- it's already there (particularly if the recording is not a dog).  
Hi gdhal, thankyou for your post,  what no one knows here is the jbl dd 67000 can be used in small to large rooms,  the biggest market for these speaker's have been in Asia for this very same reason,  as a matter of fact,  all the everest line was sold in Japan and other Asian countries before ever sold here in USA 😎
Regarding the Duo Mezzo's, would they be too much speaker for a 13x12x8 room?


Jim Smith
2ndliner- I'd defer to Hornguys on your question. Jim was the original importer of Avantgarde in the States and a renowned set-up guy.