JBL K2 S9900 vs Klipsch Heritage Jubilee Horn Speakers.

I recently had the opportunity the have extensive listening sessions both these two wonderful speakers. And, as great as the JBLs sounded (I believe that all horn type speakers are an acquired taste), I much preferred the Klipsch Jubilee speakers over the JBL speakers, and it wasn’t even close!!!. Also, the Jubilees are significantly cheaper than the JBLs. Are you kidding me??? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a horn speaker lover, per se, although, years ago, I did own a pair of Avantgarde Duo horn speakers for a while, and I thoroughly enjoyed them. But, it didn’t last. However, my goodness gracious, the Jubilee speakers just swept me off my feet!!! At the dealership, they used SS amplification for the bottom end and tubes on top to drive the Jubilee’s, and it was absolutely breathtaking!!! I found the Jubilee speakers so impressive that, I swear, if I had enough space in my listening room, it would’ve been extremely difficult for me to resist purchasing a pair of them right there on the spot. IMHO, the Jubilee’s are one of the greatest sounding, and also one of the greatest values in high end, cost-no-object speakers in the world, regardless of price. I believe that the Jubilee’s can complete with any speaker on the planet. And, I’ve heard just about all the greatest speakers in the world, either locally or at audio shows. The Jubilee speakers incredibly, just poured out a wide, open, huge soundstage, lush, greatly emotional, greatly involving, detailed, transparent, hugely dynamic, smooth, airy, bass to die for, holographic, 3D musical presentation like an ocean or a waterfall of musical delight. The Klipsch Jubilee speakers have got the one of the greatest best kept secrets in high end audio. Yes, you get the idea, I was supremely impressed with the Klipsch Jubilee speakers.  If I only had the proper space for the Jubilee's, I would buy in an instance and never look back.  Happy listening.


At the end of the day, what’s the sound that meets the buyer? From my chair Klipsch made a smart decision going with the Celestion driver, because it gives them the opportunity to cross over to the bass horn just above 300Hz (where it’s needed, because crossing higher would have the bass horn at difficulties here), and that takes a special driver and fittingly large horn to come to fruition, not least controlling directivity that low. Mind you, they have a point source from ~340Hz on up. The only equivalent by JBL to reach that low was the 2490H 3" exit compression driver, but that was a pure midrange driver and had to be crossed not much higher than 2.5 to 3kHz, and so would necessitate and separate tweeter. BMS and B&C have coaxial driver offerings that on paper extends low, but no doubt at higher distortion levels at elevated SPL’s all the way down to 300Hz compared to the Celestion driver.

@phusis ...I had the 9800 predecessor ~20 years ago now. I never heard the 9900, but, i’ve heard the jubilee. There doesn’t seem to be a optimal driver <--> crossover "mismatch", so to speak on the jbl ( associated IR --> perceived resolution/clarity/etc..)

The Klipsch is perhaps eeking out a win for the OP because of the glorious Celestion driver (all credit to Celestion, not Klipsch) and the active crossover --> possible mitigation of phase shifts, prevention of perceived energy scoopouts as is typical of Klipsches.

Eitherway, it’s ok.. i’ve got 4 Yamaha PA horn underdogs keeping me in hog heaven and maintaining fullness of my wallet recently. I’ve got the jubilee beat and If the 9900 sounds anything like the 9800, i’ve got it beat as well 😏.

It’s the end execution in a room/architectural space that matters. Here’s a paper for your reading pleasure...


I have reported on my own experience of Klipsch Jubilees in another Thread.

In nutshell, the experience has been indelible and one wanted to be met with again, which will happen.

Since my encounter, the owner and my HiFi Groups resident EE, has carried out some changes to drivers, but reverted back to the originals.

The new method adopted to eke more is now from the Amplification side, a Triode Pre-Amp' is being Bespoke Built to see how the signal processing downstream of the Speaker will assist the Speaker to present at the next level.

The investigations are not being done as there is a suggestion the Speakers need it to improve them, they are something special as I have mt them.

The investigations are being done, as the Speakers are totally deserved of finding the ancillaries to act as partners, that really allows them to sing at their very best.

@pindac The investigations are being done, as the Speakers are totally deserved of finding the ancillaries to act as partners, that really allows them to sing at their very best.

 I read your post as the heart of this hobby. 

While I've never experienced the Klipsch Jubilees, peoples descriptions take me back to the late 60's and my experience with my Altec A7's. Despite the level of the source and amplification components at hand their presentation in my large loft space remains a landmark sensation for me. All the best with your groups efforts.


   Can you list the upstream gears for both the listening sessions of the JBL and the Jubilee?

   Would love to see what gears dealers are pairing these giants with...

@deep_333 what are you ranting about? It's a whole Klipsch design. That midrange horn is marvelous. That bass horn is incredible. No one else uses those. 35000$ for such size and performance is an absolute bargain in 2024! It usually buys you a pair of low efficiency columns with gaudy lacquered paint! Got something against Klipsch? They currently represent best value in high efficiency speakers. Ever wondered what a similarly specced / sized AvanGarde or Acapella speaker would cost?!?