JBL L100 Century Crossover?

Has anyone out there tried Troels Gravesen's crossover design for the JBL L100 Century? I'm wondering if it's worth the current $600 for the kits to do the upgrade. Anyone heard the results? People have been parting out the L100s like it's a fire sale-which I think is a waste. But if I switch the crossovers will I get the value I've put into it?
Interesting question. I have seen other crossovers for less$. But, my speaker guy did a mod (proprietary) to one pair of my L 100s that was awesome for only $85. ea. He swears it is as good as a 3 0r 600 replacement xover kit. I sure like it. Will probably do my other pair. These are fine old speakers and I don't let the high tech naysayers bother me on this at all. Joe
jantzen xover kits were available from parts express for 275
it improves the sound of the L100 L100a by about 40% gets rid of the ssssss in female voices ,,bass and mid tighter well worth the money,,,just better sound..
Dodger4, You mentioned that Parts Express sells a crossover upgrade from Jantzen for the JBL L100.  I do not find it on their site.  Is it a kit or are you just pricing this out by component based on Troels' crossover?