JBL L300 - true myth?

I'd like to ask if some can write his opinion on this speakers,I had a chance to listen and recommened .
I understand they working great with powerfull tube amp...especially with Mcintosh -is that true?
it's look the components are really good Alnico drivers special tweeters,horns...but woofers made of carton?is that a problem with today standards?
Is the old fashion crossover need upgrade ?

The L300's are all time classics, but jbl had plans for L400's. The Bean counters at Harmon Intl killed them .
They are available as the 4343's. they had 10" lower mids,
and were 4 ways. same woofers, mid drivers and tweeters, just the pro vertions. they also were biampable with the
optional jbl electronic xovers.They did have a much larger footprint, and they would play much louder.I use tube amps on the high end and a good quality 200+ watt Ss amp on the
The 4343's although much rarer go for around the same $ on
ebay.If you can deal with the large size and 185+lb weight
look for them
I have lived with these JBL L300 speakers for the last 6+ months and have to say that I have become a real fan of the JBL sound of yore. Putting a 32 watt push-pull tube amp on them has made them sound fantastic (and play pretty loudly). In the next few weeks I'm going to put a high-powered solid state amp on them to see if I can really get the woofers moving.

Imaging is so-so, but overall tone and timbre seems very right. As somebody mentioned earlier, they have punchiness in spades. Incredibly good looking speakers too. Highly recommended, but be willing to pay a premium to get them in really nice condition. This is a beautiful speaker that even domestic partners will not balk at.
I had a pair of these speakers. I loved them, the looks, the design, and the name.

I have a very large family room and they did not do the room justice. Im 18 wide and 28 deep, 9 foot ceilings and fairly active room. These speakers did not do my room justice. Ultimately they were not in the same league as my late 80's Wilson Watt2/Puppy3's.

At he time, I had some world class electronics driving them (arc Ref 2Mk2, Krell KMA-100 Mk 2) and they just sounded confined and like they needed a larger room.

If you can get the L300's in to the right room then you can have something, but IMHO it has to be large.
They were a good speaker, we used to have a set. I replaced them because they were great but not up to some other speaker's standards, and the asking prices on them today are ridiculously high.
Any advice would appreciated,
I want to buy a pair of jbll300, because I bought a pair in 1979 for a grand per speaker and my roomate through them out while I was in hospital from car accident. Just 2 years ago. Ebay they are going for 6 or 7 grand.my advice I need is are there better out there for same. And which one.I am going to try to replace them cause they were best I listened to they rocked the house like a earthquack.