JBL LSR305 Studio Monitor: Opinions?

Any fellow 'goners who are familiar with them? I'm curious how they compare to Audioengine A2+ for nearfield listening/computer speakers.

I wonder why so many of these powered speakers like JBL and Emotiva have only XLR inputs. I thought RCA is industry standard, just about any amplifier has RCA and some might have XLRs but no rca at all..little discouraging from what I thought may be my next project if my dac doesnt sell.
Btw, the JBL 308 I heard in the store sounded pretty good, espcially considering their price and the fact that no amp needed.
Most of them have 1/4" phono plug inputs as well, but they are easily adapted to RCA. You can also use an RCA to XLR adapter I suppose. An RCA input would be convenient for sure, but this shouldn't be a showstopper...
I guess not but if i have a world class dac, a cheapo adaptor is the last thing I want to put in my system. Maybe they make some quality ones, I don't know....not sure about the rca - xlr adaptor, I thought rca and xlr do things differently...
Powered loudspeakers are typically intended for studio applications where XLR and phono plug input/output are the standards.
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