Jcat USB card vs streamer


Is there anyone that have compare a PC with audio usb card like Jcat XE with external psu to a real streamer like Lumin u1 mini?


I have the older J-Cat FEMTO USB card in my fanless PC.
I have a HDPlex 300Watt linear PSU which has the same LT3045 linear regulators in the newer card, and my PSU is connected into a Puritan PSM-156 power conditioner.

I can't wait to get an opportunity to run it up against something like an Innuos Zen Mk2 (not not the new one) if I can buy a used one at a good price (maybe so since the newer model has hit).

Have you already got a PC?
Mine is completely fanless, with two SSD (one for software and WinServr 2012 R2, the other just music files) the PSU supplies 19VDC to Mainboard, 5VDC to SSD, and 5VDC to the USB in three separate runs.

I found the software to be the most dramatic change after the hardware was assembled, the OS and software is the real heart of the matter.

Sorry, long winded answer to no I haven't yet.