Jean-Luc Ponty

Just finished listening to his Cosmic Messenger cd through the de Capo i's. Wow. Whomever was the recording engineer did an amazing job with the depth and balance and presence - helped by JLP himself.

Awesome job all around.
Incantations For World Peace was the song that introduced me to JLP. Modern Time Blues is one of my "open the moonroof and turn it up" songs.
I picked up a vinyl copy of Aurora in mint shape for three bucks the other week @ a thrift shop.
He's obviously got prodigious skills, (too bad he's sometimes chosen to go for a very low common denominator and to put out cheese whiz). His Plays the music of FZ recording provided him w/ a level of compositional meat that he's never been able to develop on his own, (to be fair writing like that puts the bar pretty dang high). His Sunday Walk record also seems a lot more like the real thing than a lot of his later releases.