Jeff Beck, Blues De Luxe

Do any of you know of a good recording of Blues De Luxe, by Jeff Beck, and without Rod Stewart?  I love the whole "Truth" album but find Rod distracting.


I’d love to be able to hear the Truth album without having to hear Rod Stewart’s voice. Jeff didn’t hesitate humiliating Rod when I saw them on stage together on Jeff’s first U.S.A. tour (it was well-deserved). But I did get to hear Nicky Hopkins play piano that night, so it was worth enduring Rod.

Jeff Beck said he never hit his stride until he dropped the singer(s).  Later in his career he would work with a female vocalist.

Without Rod Stewart-does a version even exist?

I always thought the psuedo "live" recordings were odd-like what's on the Truth  album.

The only "other" version that comes up in Google search is an actual "live" version

which is much better than the fake live studio version.

(15) Jeff Beck - 1968 - Blues Deluxe (Live) - YouTube

Jeff Beck in full Jeff Beck mode.