Jeff Beck, Blues De Luxe

Do any of you know of a good recording of Blues De Luxe, by Jeff Beck, and without Rod Stewart?  I love the whole "Truth" album but find Rod distracting.


Bdp24, I'm surprised to hear you say that about rs...granted he's a sellout and, by most accounts, a true douche, but he was a great singer back in the day....

Perhaps it’s just me @loomisjohnson, but Rod has always struck me as one of the thousands of guys who try too hard to sound "soulful" (black). I can understand wanting to have the gravitas of Big Joe Turner and/or Ray Charles, but a skinny little kid from England who dresses like a girl (frilly shirts, satin bell bottoms, shag/rooster hairdo) can hardly expect to pull that off.

Rod has that "gravelly" texture in his voice, but that’s just on the surface. There’s no depth to his voice, unlike Richard Manuel, who did sound very Ray Charles-influenced, but who expressed sincere emotion, including pain. Clapton heard it in Richard’s singing, and so do I. Rod sounds no better to me than Michael Bolton: fake emoting. I’ve never understood why The Faces brought in Rod Stewart. They had a perfectly good singer in Steve Marriot. Far better than Rod, imo.

Of the UK guys, I’ll take Van Morrison and Gary Brooker. You know, men 😉 .

Have you heard a 1st UK press of Truth on the EMI/Columbia label (blue/black graphics)? It sounds profoundly better than any other version I have heard-- real stage, real bass, real depth. I have no idea what those sell for now- when I bought my copy the trick was finding a clean player.

It is a revelation if you like this album, Rod or not. (I actually like his early stuff).

Marriot was leaving to form Humble Pie thus the opening for Stewart/ Wood.

I think Rod is great on Truth, his first 2 solo LPs and Long Player.

The early Rod Stewart was great at phrasing.  He had that ability to punch a word in the lyric that got the listener to focus and could elevate the content of the lyrics.  Some critics compared him to Sinatra in that regard.  
  His shirts were to frilly?  He wasn’t “manly” enough?  His hair style didn’t please? You sound like my father watching the Beatles on Ed Sullivan.  He committed the sin of being a White Brit who sounded Black?  Let’s do away with Paul   McCartney, John Lennon, The Animals, Van Morrison…