Jeff Criterion Versus Coherence II

Just bought the Criterion to play with my Jeff Model 8ti. I could not not get hold of the older and discontinued Coherence II, which were made to pair with the Model 8 and 9 power amp. Somehow for reasons I could not describe, I still do not have faith in the newer Jeff for which the design is based on Class D amplification. Thats why, I did not get the Jeff 312 and instead went to get a used 8ti. I have sold away my ARC Ref 3 which is also an excellent preamp to get the Criterion hoping it will sound better than the Ref 3 because of brand synergistic pairing.

Anyone out there can share with me on their experience on pairing the Criterion with the Model 8 or 9??
You won't need brand synergy to get the Rowland Criterion to sound better with your Rowland 8 or 9 series amps. That pre will utterly smoke any Krell ever made. I own the Criterion. David.