Jeff Rowland 201´s or Ayre V-5 X

intend to buy either of these. Any comments on sonic signatures etc.

Use Wadia 302 (will be replaced by the forthcoming Nagra CDP), Shunyata Phoenix, Acoustic Zen Silver Ref. II, Electraglide Mini Khan Plus / Ultra Kahn Statement, Ayon Audio Seagull Ceramique, Shunyata Hydra.
The Citadels are essentially Ayre amps as Charles Hansen was behind the core design that Theta ripped from the dreadnaught.
Guido, the JRDG 312 is essentially a stereo version of the 501 mono's + isolation transformer in one chassis? So, two 501's should sound the same when combined with an external isolation trannie? What is the purpose of such a transformer with these ASP1000 modules?

Hi Chris, I am not sure about the circuit differences between the 501 monos and the 312 stereo. What I discovered is that the sound of the two products is quite different. When I have some time I might ask Jeff directly. . . take some notes, then post to this thread.