jeff rowland 501 & 201 vs. bel canto ref1000

I am looking for anyone that has compared the three and your opinions on them.

I'm looking to step up from a bel canto s300i. Using gallo ref 3.1's

Any input will be appreciated.

I am thinking about the mk11s myself right now. Judging by specs the input impedance has been made much easier to drive. It was 10K/20K ohms now it's 100K/200K ohms unbal/bal.
The boards are totally changed with much higher capacitance and rfi shielding. I live in Texas and power bills are high anyway and I'd love to do without the heat. Definitely the next generation, but I think we'll see lots of advances quickly which may make technology obsolete quickly until engineers figure it out.

Did you ever try the ref1000's with a tube preamp, by any chance?

Thanks for your help man.
The MK.2 version of the BC Ref 1000 has addressed the graininess issue in the treble. I have not compared the JRDG 501 (no PC1) with BC R1000 Mk.2 directly, but have heard them only on separate systems. They are both very fine amps with comparable power handling. Perhaps 501 slightly more on cooler side of neutral and BC slightly on warmer side of neutral.