jeff rowland 501 & 201 vs. bel canto ref1000

I am looking for anyone that has compared the three and your opinions on them.

I'm looking to step up from a bel canto s300i. Using gallo ref 3.1's

Any input will be appreciated.

The MK.2 version of the BC Ref 1000 has addressed the graininess issue in the treble. I have not compared the JRDG 501 (no PC1) with BC R1000 Mk.2 directly, but have heard them only on separate systems. They are both very fine amps with comparable power handling. Perhaps 501 slightly more on cooler side of neutral and BC slightly on warmer side of neutral.
Guidoc- have you heard the BC's (or JRDG's) through a higher efficiency speaker?
No, I have not. . . my speakers are Vienna Mahlers, which are not high efficiency by any stretch. On the other hand, what I have heard is that these high power amps work perfectly with high efficiency speakers, provided you use a preamp with very fine gain granularity, such as the JRDG Capri for example. Guido
GC- My Pre is a (power supply modified) SF Line 3- it will do the granularity thing... Back to these Ref 1000's- would like to try the MKII's, but what is with that price increase? Guys asking like $4k for a used pair, when you can get the MKI for ~ $2k- don't understand that...