Jeff Rowland 8T with Wilson Sasha w/p?

Considering a pair of Sasha's and wondering how my old, robust Rowland 8T will hold up? Any Rowland/Wilson combo users out there?
Thanks Roxy54, I don't have any objective reason to think the Rowland wouldn't hold up. I do know that Wilson products have a reputation for being finicky, yet those I have heard to date (most recently w/p 7and the out-of-my-budget MAXX), paired with 6-figure electronics, have been breathtaking; in my case, the loudspeakers will necessarily be the most expensive link in the chain. Without an engineering background, much of audiophilia may as well be voodoo to me, and experience/listening often seems to trump anything that can be deemed from product specifications. But you're right, plenty of power and a reasonably efficient speaker combo. When I drive 100 miles for a demo, I may just have to lug the big classic amp along, which may indeed be a lifetime keeper. Just testing the waters of experience first. Thanks again.
Aldenberry, the 8T is IMHO still among the best available ss amps out there.
I use a 8 with choke and top plate mod and I have AB'ed it against BAT, Edge,
Mod Wright, Naim, Krell and Levinson ss amps and it has bested all in my system.
The 8T should have no problem driving Sasha's as they are a fairly easy load
for a ss amp.
If you look at the latest issue of Stereophile (July 2010) in the technical part of the review, you will see the impedance curve. It's below 4 ohms through most part of the lower midrange/upper bass and there is an amplifier unfriendly combination of 3 ohms/-43 deg phase angle at 61 Hz. So the amp must be rated for 4 ohms and even 2 ohms. But given the seriousness of design and build of Rowland gear, I would be surprised the 8T could not drive the Wilsons. Can't you have a few day in home trial to make sure they work? Good luck!
Goldorak points out what I was going to say. That the Sashas are actually a fairly difficult load in terms of impedance.
That being said, the Rowland 8T will have no problem powering them.
The amps from Rowland during that time had no problem doubling down into more demanding loads.
It's definitely a good choice for those speakers.

I'm coming at it from the other side. I just bought a pair of Sophia 2's and I am looking at changing out my amplification. Last week, I spent some time on the phone with a gentleman at Wilson. I was looking for suggestions from him regarding synergistic pairings. He said that Rowland and Wilson go very well together. He went on to say that they liked Jeff's products so much that Wilson incorporated a Rowland amp into one of their subs. Based on this feedback, I think you would be fine.

Good luck.