Jeff Rowland Capri S2 Owners Manual

Has anyone received the Capri S2 Owners Manual. I purchased the preamp February and have called too many times and have been told it will be available next week. It is not even on line to download.
Hi Ed, send me a PM... I will be happy to email you a copy of the Capri S2 manual.

Regards, Guido
Not sure how to send a PM via AGon. If available, you can email me at Thanks!

Hi Ed, I have emailed you the Capri S2 manual.

I admit that the Audiogon PM system is a bit obscure... To send a PM to anyone...

* Click on the member userid link to open their info page;
* Click on sales feedback;
* you will find a link/button on the sales feedback page that will let you send them a PM.
* If the user has active listings, you should find a "send private msg" there as well.

Used to be a lot simpler. Now it has been, uhrn... "Improved".

This is how I was told to send a message to another user:

While logged on, click on the My page link (upper right hand corner), You will be taken to a menu page. Once there, on the left hand side under the My Home page link you will see INBOX. Click on the link and you will see the option to reply to a message or to look up a member in order to send a message.

Once you enter in the member’s username you will be taken to their feedback page. On the left hand side click on the link to “Send Message”.