Jeff Rowland Continuum?

What is the word on the Continuum 250/500.
Hi Husk01, I just posted an update to the Criterion thread.

Hi Bill, C500 being overpriced is an interesting hypothesis. Its cost is roughly equivalent to a pair of the also excellent Bel Canto Ref 1000 Mk.2 monoblocks plus a capri linestage. It would be very interesting to conduct a side by side analysis. . . hmmm, I should find a way to make it happen. Guido
Audiofeil is a dealer. He chose not to not disclose that fact in his unexpanded "It's overpriced" statement.

What Audiophile is really not writing is "I don't sell Rowland gear. If you buy it, I won't make any money from you. Instead, buy my products. Obviously, none of the products I sell are overpriced. You can trust me..."
Take his comment in this context please. It is a self-serving, camouflaged advertisement for his business.
9000 for a digital integrated? seems overpriced to me.

i also think a zillion people rushed into these things as "Jeff Rowland is so tubelike" and discovered the reality.