Jeff Rowland Model 6 or Model 8

How's the jeff Rowland Model 6 compared to Model 8?

I am using Wadia 850 CD player and Avalon Eclipse Classic. Which one should I get?
Haven't heard the model 6, but I own a model 8 and it is a hard amp to beat. Put it up against Lamm's, Melos, Symphonic Line and Herron's. Better for my system by far.
The amp I have is modded but has the original choke power supply, which is the way to go if you can find one and if you do not have a hum problem from line.
Hello Davefy,

I understand that the Rowland 8 was produced between 92 and 95. I found a Rowland 8 with serial no. A800404, do you know whether this is a early or late model? Is this one got the choke power supply?

If the seller can't provide you with the information, I suggest you contact JRDG and ask them directly. They should be able to tell you about the design features of that particular Model 8, and the modification stage it has undergone, if any. I would check with the seller before you do that however, as the serial numbers are 6-character alpha-numeric, not 7 as you have listed.

JRDG can be contacted at "", or you can speak to them directly at 719-473-1181. They have an extremely helpful technical support group, and all my emails to them have been responded to in 1 to 2 days.