Jeff Rowland or Mark Levinson???

I'm looking to buy a new amp,I took a Jeff Rowland home and it sounded great. The Mark Levinson is 150lbs you just can't take one home to try, does anyone own either or and can compared these two amps company's? Thanks
Fpeel. I have the new Concentra II, 150 watt integrated. I've owned 10 amps in the last two years, (crazy) including 2 Plinius, 2 Classe, a Sim W5, a Krell and a Bryston. Sad to say, but I got tired of every one. I was frustrated and began to think I would never find an amp I would be happy with. The Rowland just gets more enjoyable as time goes on.
Thanks for the quick response. I'm considering buying a Rowland, albeit an older model, and will probably be unable to listen before buying. The extra data points are appreciated.
Rowland......that's all I will say. I currenlty own an older but larger Rowland Amp and Pre-amp for the past 8 years and nothing I have listened to has made me sell either of them. Yes,there are amps and pre-amps that are better and more expensive, but once your hooked on the musical sound they deliver, you will be gald you made the right choice.
I choose Jeff Rowland. I've owned both Jeff Rowland Model 5 and Mark Levinson No. 23 which are about the same age. ML23 has 200w/ch and JR Model 5 has 150w/ch and both can drive B&W 802S3 with ease.

Sound: JR5 sounds much more smooth, musical and tube-like than ML23 in my opinion. With instrumental jazz JR5 present musics with more air and texture.

Build quality: JR5 is one step better than ML23 in every ways that I know.

Result: JR5 is the keeper. ML23 has to go.

You won't regret in buying either JR or ML since they are very good products. But when it comes to only one, JR is the way to go.