Jeff Rowland or Mark Levinson???

I'm looking to buy a new amp,I took a Jeff Rowland home and it sounded great. The Mark Levinson is 150lbs you just can't take one home to try, does anyone own either or and can compared these two amps company's? Thanks
I have to agree with Blbloom. We have a matched pair of Model 1's (they even painstakingly matched the silver faceplates for us!) and we have agreed that we will never part with them.
They are the sweetest and most musical amps as well as bullet proof!
Even though we have upgraded to tube amps, we still pull these into the chain from time to time.
The lucky thing for me is that the HT has now become our "boneyard" from the 2 channel, so I got them along with a Classe CA300 for my little project - the HT.
The service from Rowland (perfectionists to say the least!) and their excellent service tracking record really helps in knowing what you are buying before you do.
If you are looking into buying used, I would suggest that you get the serial number and give them a call. They can tell you the service history and what upgrades it has - probably give you a quote on any outstanding upgrades available.
I have no experience with Levinson to offer any direct opinions.
It depends what kind of listener you are.
1. Long term Listener
Here is the Rowland much more satisfying, it is very musical, maybe one of the most musical Transistor Amps available. Doesn't matter which model. They are all good.
2. You know nothing
but you want to walk on the safe side, believing in revolutionary technical progress ( all 8 months ), would like to have the respect from your neighbours, here you are right with ML, specially when you like listening to Test CD's, splintering glass, Bing-bang-boom-music and you like to impress your friends with that.

I know some owners, who love these amps.
Thomasheisig, if you were aiming at getting a little spirited debate going, I think you hit the mark. I don't share your opinion toward ML products, but I am a Rowland owner. In the price range that I set for my purchase, I found a used 8TiHC to be my choice over the ML 335 or 336.

My reason for posting a follow-up is that in JCB2000's thread posting, I interpreted his statement that (the) "Mark Levinson is 150lbs (and) you just can't take one home to try" to mean that he is not auditioning a Rowland 6, 8 or 9, whose weights are comparable to 33X series ML, but more likely a 10, 12 or 112 weighing in at less than half that of the ML. The reason this is significant IMHO is some folks have stated sonic differences exist between "older" JRDG equipment and the new amplifier designs. Most responses have referenced older model JRDG amps as being their choice over ML, which is fine, but I am not so sure that JCB2000 is listening to any of those. In fact, JCB states a desire to buy a new amp. Blbloom's post is the only one thus far that has spoken to current JRDG equipment, and he discusses the integrated Concentra.

JCB2000, which amps are you auditioning?
Well it looks like I'm going to rock the boat a little on this one. I've owned a Roland Model 5 and replaced it with Mark Levinson reference 20.0 monoblocks. Now, keep in mind that even on the used market there is a significant difference in price, so I'm not comparing similar cost products. When I made this change I did so based on listening. I agree with the above posts that the Roland is very tube sounding and smooth, but it also had some limitations. The speakers were Martin Logan Monolith IIs. They are difficult to drive when not biamped. The Roland did not have the bass control particularly when the panel were exhibiting very low impedances. The Levinsons (while lower powered amp) did a much better job in this area.

I think it's important to evaluate what kind of demands your speakers might have and what combination you will get in the end. If you have an overly polite speaker, the Roland might sound a little to smooth. Also, if you have a very difficult speaker to drive like the older Martin Logans, that too may not be the best with the Roland (although I've only used the Model 5, other models may have been better with my MLs). For the majority of speakers out there both products are excellent and will likely deliver long term satisfaction.
Cant go wrong with either. I think speakers will dictate which is best. The home test is the best way to make the choice!