Jeff Rowland or Mark Levinson???

I'm looking to buy a new amp,I took a Jeff Rowland home and it sounded great. The Mark Levinson is 150lbs you just can't take one home to try, does anyone own either or and can compared these two amps company's? Thanks
I agree with Abstract7 that with a "polite" speaker the Roland is likely to sound a bit warm and rounded. I tried the Roland 10 & 112, the Levinson 336, and a few other amps with my Dunlavy 4's. I found the Rolands to be "soft" sounding with a pleasant high end, but lacking in bass handling. The Lev had more slam and authority, but struck me as still a bit soft on the bass control. The mid and hi character was smooth and controlled.

Having said that, the build quality of both are excellent, and prices for stereo units are often roughly in the same ballpark for similar power (but this can be model-dependant, and monoblocks are a different matter altogether).
well all i can say is: i love my 8T with my consonance driving my alon V MKII with millerized woofers "millersound" i have friends coming over that have much more money invested in their sound and they say they just can't match the sound my jr's put out
if you are looking for perfect bass control and great authority, hear to the JR 312 ...
this is really amazing
I'm voting JRDG after buying a full set of his recent gear. The man is an amazing designer.Although very quiet with virtually zero promotion he is still working 10 hrs a day.Just saw a blurb in TAS by RH that he too is smitten. HP had already offered highest praises fwiw.The 625 stereo amp that I have drives Revel Salon 2's effortlessly.