Jeff Rowland to what?

I currently own a Jeff Rowland 625 S2 amplifier. I'm curious as to what amplifiers I should listen to below 20K, new or used. I'm not unhappy, but I'm curious. The amp will be driving Monitor Audio PL500 II's. The preamp is a Jeff Rowland Corus.


I have gone through a number of high power high amp solid state amps over the years and for the last 15 years I have been using Plinius,    Went from their SA-250 Class-A to an integrated 310 watt Class A-B last year and the clarity and response are amazing.  Using it with Watt Puppy 8's and my old NHT 3.3 at times.

Plinius make amazing amps.

You have put together an incredible system that surely must be satisfying and enjoyable.  I am certain that you are fully aware that your Monitor Audio PL500 II's are a 4 ohm system.  My only suggestion would be to contact the speaker distributor representative directly to discuss the particular amplifiers that they use with that speaker. Many times they are reluctant to divulge that information fearing the information would be an endorsement.  
Guido may have answered your quest!
Often there are is a single amplifier/speaker combination that is simply magic.  Specifications rarely mean anything.  A 400 watt/channel amplifier by one company will not sound anything like a 400 watt/channel amplifier by another company.  Enjoy your Rowland equipment.  I for one purchased a different preamp after auditioning an Ayre.  They are not for everyone.

I’m keeping my Jeff Rowland components. I decided to tweak a few things and just enjoy what I’m blessed to have.
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