Jelco TK850 users got slop?

It was just brought to my attention that my Jelco TK-850S was out of factory adjustment. I have always noticed how very slight VTF changes reacted in a non-linear fashion as well as evident lateral slop in the pivot area along the direction of the vertical pivot which closely mirrors the offset angle of the headshell.

Turns out the inner/outer “knife-edge” blades, located on top of the pivot & used for the tonearm’s vertical movement, may laterally move outward during shipment. If so, this may create a slight gap between their inner edges & the arm’s center pivot housing which is evident as excessive non-correcting lateral movement. No fear as this issue is easily restored giving the arm a more solid gimbaled “feel” absent of slop.

Not sure how to address the 950 models with their dynamic VTF attachment, but the 850 models are easily accessible to tighten up any gap thus restoring the solid performance this musical tonearm is capable of.

Wish I knew how to post pics, but a #15 Torx bit will remove (3 screws) the pivot cap of the arm revealing the chrome vertical pivot blades. Each chrome blade (inner & outer) are secured with a single screw at their outer edge. A #16 Torx bit will allow slight inward movement of the chrome “knife-edge” blades closer to arm’s center to eliminate any slop.

Caution - use limited torque on securing all fasteners as everything is delicate.



My TK-850L is still sitting in the box waiting for me to buy a new cartridge. I'll have to check it out as I haven't even taken it out of the box yet.  

I've not had this issue with my TK-850L, but thanks for the information. I also installed Easy VTA on mine, makes on the fly VTA adjustments with precision.