Jelco Tone Arms

Hello all, I am looking to communicate with anyone who has purchased and is using a Jelco Tone Arm. I would also love to know which cartridges you are using and what your experience has been. I have been taking a look at the Jelco SA-370H arm. I understand that some of these tone arms are hard wired so that a standard plug in cable can't be used unless the arm is modified. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

It looks like it is the same as the Sumiko Premiere MMT. What table are you planning on using it on?
Hello sir,

I am building a new plinth using birch plywood primarily. The plinth will be 5 by 15 by 22 inches. It will weigh in at about 65 pounds. I have dismantled my 1983 version of the Cranfield Elite Rock Turntable with Excalibur Tonearm. I am using the massive bearing and platter from this turntable.

I will be installing a Jelco SA-750D tonearm with a Pete Riggles VTAF "on-the-fly" Adjuster. By the way, Mr. Riggles is a first rate gentlemen and business person. I will be using a "stand-a-lone" motor to drive the 17 pound platter via a round belt. I am looking foward to getting my new plinth back this weekend and can hardly wait.

I have settled on a Goldring 1042 tracking with 1.25 gr on a PT-9 arm. The combo is wonderful on my set-up, top to bottom a great performer. This cart has out performed an AT150mlx, a Denon DL160 and the next best Ortofon 2m Bronze on my turntable, a VPI HW19. While all the other carts were very nice and I could live with any of them the Gring sounds and tracks best. I also have other less expensive. like the Shure M97xe that also worked well. I am adding the Pete Riggles adjuster also in a few weeks.
Good luck and happy listening.