Jena Labs - Any experience?

Does anyone have any experience with any of Jena Labs cables? Please compare them to the others with which you you are familiar. I am particularly interested in their digital offerings. Thanks in advance.
Hi All,

I am also interested in the Jena cables. The Symphony is what I would be looking for. I have Tenor 75 Wi with the Avalon Opus. Accuphase DP-75v. 8 meter balanced TARA The One interconnect going into the Tenors from the 75v. TARA The One speaker cables. Power cords are Elrod Sig EPS 3 on the amps. No preamp. Using the attenuator on the Tenor.

The TARA does do many things very well...but I feel it is a little dark. Curious what the Jena is like. Has anyone done a comparison with it and the TARA speaker cable or the interconenct?

While we are on the subject of the Tenor, has anyone found a better power cord than the Elrod Sigs? I do like the Elrod Sigs, but I find the some inner detail is taken away.

Hi Rich, I have the Tenor 300 Hybrids and I had Elrod PC's but just their regular ones. I now have Shunyata Anaconda VX alpha's. I am very happy with them. I have not tried David's higher end cables but I did like the three I had but found the Shunyata's more to my liking.

I have the Jena Pathfinder balanced ICs and speaker cables. To my ears, they're the best I've heard. Fabulous cables that seem to do absolutely everything right. If they have a weakness, it might be their price--but, then again, I've heard things a lot *more* expensive (Transparent Opus, Black Pearl, etc.) that don't sound as good. Definitely worth looking into.
S23: I'm using the Tenor 300 tube hybrids--same as Panorama. The Jenas mate extremely well with those amps.