Jena Labs - Any experience?

Does anyone have any experience with any of Jena Labs cables? Please compare them to the others with which you you are familiar. I am particularly interested in their digital offerings. Thanks in advance.
I have the Jena Pathfinder balanced ICs and speaker cables. To my ears, they're the best I've heard. Fabulous cables that seem to do absolutely everything right. If they have a weakness, it might be their price--but, then again, I've heard things a lot *more* expensive (Transparent Opus, Black Pearl, etc.) that don't sound as good. Definitely worth looking into.
S23: I'm using the Tenor 300 tube hybrids--same as Panorama. The Jenas mate extremely well with those amps.
What level Jena cable would I have to get to compete/better the performance of a Nordost Valhalla??
Some may say the Symphony, but I'd go with the Pathfinder. You get better resolution, along with an audibly richer and more believable midrange. The Valhallas are still an excellent cable, but, in my mind, the Pathfinders are clearly better all around.