Jennifer Warnes 20th Anniversary Fam Blue Raincoat

Has anyone gotten their hands on the digitally remastered copy of Jennifer Warnes Famous Blue Raincoat yet? I know it was released Aug 7th. If so, how does it compare to the original cd or vinyl LP? I've heard rumours (I thought I read it on audiogon..but not sure) that there are plans to release this 20th Anniversary edition on vinyl as well. Can anyone confirm this?

Got mine yesterday and have not really had time to compare to my other copy. First impressions are that sound has been cleaned up a bit with much of the brightness gone that bothered me on my standard issue cd. There are 4 bonus tracks including "Ballad Of A Runaway Horse" that is a different version than the duet she did with Wasserman years ago. Pre-ordered mine from Amazon a couple weeks ago.

I'll probably check out the new re-master because I'm a fan. However, I'd be surprised if it sounds better than my Private Music gold cd or my German Zounds "Best of" compilation cd.
Has anyone heard the Anniversary re-master yet? If so, what's the diagnosis?