Jetrexpro's music on YouTube

Hi guys,

Over the years I have composed quite a bit of music and much of it for no other reason than to scratch the musical creative itch I have.  This music is sitting in drawers and cd cases and will not be heard if I don't do anything about it so over the coming months I'll be posting some of it on YouTube. The first two pieces are posted. Regards Jet.

Here is the link.

Oh I understand your question :) in my music there are usually a fair amount of chords that one could consider jazz sounding chords. The question that comes to mind is, does the chords and the progression sound like a progression one might hear in a jazz piece? In my music the awnser is usually no, the jazzy chords and chord progressions in my stuff don't seem to function like the ones you might hear in jazz compositions. I don't think it's a conscious decision and I have actually not thought about that before, but I think my musical brain for better or worse has its own ideas about how harmony functions and that governs why these jazz chords sound the way they do. Kinda like Steely Dan or Pat Methaney, they use a lot of jazzy chords, but the chord progressions in thier music don't nessesarily sound like traditional jazz music.
I completely understand your point, you have to be "you" wherever that may lead you musically . It’s funny that you mentioned Pat Methaney as an example. When I was listening I thought to myself, this has a Methaney vibe or sound.
Agreed Charles, a Methaney vibe comes thru. One of my friends said the same thing. 
Hi Charles, I forgot about this thread and back at the first of the year I improvised this piece of music after I gave myself this gut string guitar for Christmas. Jazzy chords 😀 Take care, hope you enjoy.

It’s so good to hear from you. It has been quite awhile. Thank you for the music link, I listened twice in a row. Sweet and beautiful with a light touch. I enjoyed the chords for sure😊. I hope you’ve been well , I miss your posts on this forum. BTW that's a very good sounding guitar you have.