Jim Winey (Magnepan) has passed away.

Just heard of Jim's passing away quite suddenly, I guess.

I was a dealer for many years.  Jim was great guy and brilliant designer.

R.I.P. Jim...thanks for the panels!!!


May he rest in eternal peace. Made a great affordable product for so many in this hobby to enjoy. 

Sad to hear.  I recall when I first heard the MG-1's (I believe) back when I was a teen.  Walked in the demo room and did not understand all the fuss.  The I sat in the sweet spot and was floored.  Bought a pair for $500.  Not inexpensive for a teenager.  Managed to upgrade the crossover with mylar caps (back then those were the bees knees).  Jim was a great innovator and will be missed.  

It’s sad to read this. I sold Magnepans in the 80s. I’ve owned at least one pair ever since. They’re such great people up there at Magnepan. It all started with Mr. Winey. Proud MG 3.7 owner here. RIP