Jim Winey (Magnepan) has passed away.

Just heard of Jim's passing away quite suddenly, I guess.

I was a dealer for many years.  Jim was great guy and brilliant designer.

R.I.P. Jim...thanks for the panels!!!


Maggie’s were the first panel speakers I ever heard and it was love at first listen.


legend in the hi fi world... stayed true to his beliefs and his (wonderful) products... r i p

The Magneplanar 1-Cs was part of my first high end purchase. Spent several years trying to find the perfect placement. On the right night with everything seemingly dialed in they were magical.

Winey was part of the pioneering group that put this hobby on the map. RIP

Rest in peace Mr. Winey.  Great speakers, I've owned many models from LRS to 20.7. Great company, product and affordable models. Decooney thanks for sharing the interview.

I had Tympany IIIs and must have sold 10 pairs of 3. panels. Jim Winey will be remembered with the greats, Edgar Villchur, Saul Marantz, David Fletcher, Paul Klipsch and William Zane. Nice going Jim.