Jim Winey (Magnepan) has passed away.

Just heard of Jim's passing away quite suddenly, I guess.

I was a dealer for many years.  Jim was great guy and brilliant designer.

R.I.P. Jim...thanks for the panels!!!


I was honored to have met Jim back in the early seventies, we also were a Mangapan dealer in Calif.  He and Wendall are and were great men!  They would make dealer visits, and I was a kid that stood in awe. 25 yrs old. Thank you Jim for your revolution, you and Henry Kloss......heros.


What an impact Mr. Winey made on our whole industry.  He really got us thinking about different ways to achieve high fidelity. His speakers were such great conversation pieces in the homes of audiophiles when shown to their uninitiated friends. The look and sound converted many to high end audio.  RIP Jim Winey - a great legacy!  

Taught me the difference between music and hifi in 30 seconds (Tympani 1a). Thank you.