Jimmy Thackery And The Drivers LIVE

I have a few JT&TD CD/LP's and like them. BUT...

An audiophile buddy an I went to see Jimmy Thakery and the Drivers live at The Rhythm Room in Phoenix last night and HOLY COW! Three and a half hours (less 15 minutes intermission) of masterfully played rock and blues, (originals and covers), some "surf" music, and soulful guitar ripping- It was a real treat.

The bassist was having so much fun it had to be illegal! What a great technical player! Speed and rhythm galore!

The drummer was INCREDIBLE! A very long and COOL drum solo that was very entertaining to say the least. He shared singing duty too. His playing was a joy to listen to and to watch.

The camaraderie among the three band members really showed. They joked and played- it added to the show, not taking away from the music.

And the SOUND! This was the first rock or blues show I'd ever been to that had good sound. No over-blown bass. Moving sound. I only had to wear ear plugs (due to the volume) for about 20 minutes. It was nice to REALLY hear the (5 different) cymbals shine, and the many different sounds the drum kit made.

If you get a chance to see them I recommend not missing it!
Thackery is one of my favorite players.I got a chance to catch him and Tab Benoit together when they were touring in support of their "Whiskey Store" album.A rare treat for sure.
Yeah, I used to see Jimmy regularly in the DC area, he's a real treasure. If you like him, you'll also probably enjoy Tom Principato. And it's too bad Danny Gatton is no longer around - ALL of these guys bow down to him as their mentor and master...

Yeah, Tpreaves. Thackery & Benoit together was a GREAT show. Saw them in a small club. They complement each other real well.
My favorite tune of the night was their cover of Dylan's "Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat".They were tearin' up the house with double leads.What a show!!
Ya' know, I had forgotten about that one, but you bring back the memory (it's been a while!). They were practically spittin' it out!
Yep, I've been listening to Jimmy for a LONG time, used to go see him with the Nighthawks at a bar at Penn State, also with the Assassins and the Uptown Rhythm Kings. Very smooth player, lays out those lead lines effortlessly.
I saw him live 3 times back in the late 90's (Stanhope NJ, Orlando, FL, Norfolk, VA) and each time, WHOA !! Didn't know him when he was with the Nighthawks but only with the Drivers. So glad to hear he's still blowing it out live. His CD album "In the Natural State" with the Cate Brothers is fabulous. Thanks.