Jitter reduction, best device?

Am wondering what is the best device for jitter reduction and for producing an analogue like sound. I've read about the Genisis Digital Lens, GW Labs Processor, Monarchy Digital Processor, Meridian 518 Processor. Are there others to consider and are there any decent reviews that compare the various devices? I run an MSB Gold dac to a Dyna amp. The sound is very good but feels a bit "clinical". Thanks.
Wow. Appreciate the responses, email included. Though I won't be getting another dac anytime soon, I'll keep the above recommendations for future reference. So has anyone ever published comparisons of the various devices that reduce jitter? From the reading I've done and the posts in this thread, it certainly seems that the digital lens and the meridian 518 are among the best.
Hi you might want to try empirical audio pace car 2 its one of the best jitter reduction devices out their. The cost is around $1500 and it works with computers via usb.
There's a very old (1996) article from Hi-Fi News on the Monarchy website where four "jitter-busters" were tested and measured. The Monarchy was apparently the only one that successfully reduced jitter. I'm sure that in 2009, the jitter reduction devices would be measuring far better.

Personally, I've just ordered the Monarchy DIP Classic to put between the Wadia 170i and an Audio Note 1.1x Signature DAC (which does no internal de-jittering).

I plan on posting a review of the system in the next month or so.
This may have been addressed in other threads, but how does one know for sure that jitter is the issue when not satisfied with the digital sound?
I use a Meridian 518 and besides jitter, I rely on its gain function which overcomes the low recording level of many discs issued in the 80s. I would also recommend the EAD 7000 Mk I-III. Still serviceable, and handles jitter and sound is warm. I use an EAD Theatermaster 8000 that incorporates the jitter technology of the above dac. Reasonably priced used. Another possibility is the Apogee Big Ben which is a reclocking device that is not often seen on Audiogon because of its professional use, but many on Ebay and supposedly does a bang up job as to lowering jitter