JJ Cale dies...

JJ Cale dies of a heart attack at age 74. Very sad. He was a great talent.
Sad to hear him leave us. What a great musician and prolific songwriter. Saw him in Montreal in the late 70s.
I was saddened...

Someone who I got to know when I was getting into high end hi-fi. Troubadour and 5 were two releases of his I'm particularly fond of. His all around contribution to music will be missed.
I've discovered a few of Cale's recordings just in recent years and have enjoyed them a lot. Still a lot to dig into there for me. He has done a lot over the years yet is not well known. His music reminds me of kind of a poor mans Mark Knopfler, and I mean that in a very good way. Sorry to hear he is now gone.