JL Audio F110 Fathom pops...

I keep forgetting to call JL during work hours since I rarely have time, but thought I would ask here and see if anyone has any experience like this...

So when playing my JL at loud or really loud levels I get an intermittent "popping" noise. It doesn't happen consistently, it does happen during "peak" bass demand (at least not always) - and it doesn't cause the amp to shut-off or go into overdrive/protection mode.

Is it likely that I am just driving it too hard (it really doesn't feel like it because the bass is very consistent and clean when played at loud levels - its not distorting in any way that I can hear)? Or maybe there is a defective (or marginal) cap or transistor in the sub's amp that could be replaced?

I am driving it through balanced interconnects from a Krell Foundation 4k UHD. The individual source input is usually my Sony HAP Z-1ES since that's really the only device I consistently listen to loud music. I also use it play movies/sporting events but have never listed to those at levels loud enough to make it pop...mainly due to the source material and personal listening preferences.

Thanks to anyone who might have something to add!

Definitely call JLA.  Could be the beginnings of capacitor failure on the power supply board.
Sadly their electronics seem to be notoriously unreliable.  I read a lot of stories like you here on Agon.

Best to get it sorted quickly.


Considering it is a F110 I would think you are overdriving it. I have the F113 and have done it on one specific track on a Blu-ray movie that is torture test for just about any subwoofer. Edge of Tomorrow opening scene. Extreme low end. I also removed the cover as I was getting some added noise when playing tracks such as the one mentioned above. I have two, one required a new board that was bad.     
Thanks for all the responses.

I finally managed to get JL Audio support on the phone and spoke with Randy Wagner whom I can not recommend enough. He gave me some very detailed instructions about setup and calibration that I am going to run through...so if that doesn’t work, he said they have an out of warranty program where you pay $300 and shipping one way, and they will upgrade and replace any defective parts, no limit, until the unit is functioning as the latest model.

So I’m going to try the tuning and see if maybe I can get the same bass levels (or better) with less work from the sub, and if not, maybe send it in.

Thanks again.

(AND: I feel like a complete idiot because it's actually a JL F112, not a F110)