JL F112 Fathom Repair

The RCA jack on the back of my JL F112 Fathom broke.  How do I remove the back of the subwoofer to replace the RCA jack.
Having done this myself, I can tell you that you will need to break the seal from gasket between case and back section. Use hairdryer or heat gun on the aluminum backplate to loosen seal then removal should be very easy. 

I didn’t have to do anything special such as using a hairdryer on the gasket.


The 6mm size may be correct but the length also matters so it will push out and pull apart the back from the cabinet.

Very true. It's also important that it is a machine screw so it has the flat end and will not try and screw into the wood. Assuming anything metric is probably a machine screw anyway but not 100% on that. 

Here's a video I made of the power on cap problem ad I show amp removal as well. Hope this helps!