JM Lab Nova Be or Eggleston Savoy?

I'm in the market to purchase a truly musical speaker, and have heard the Nova's at a local dealer (Palo Alto, CA). However, I'm also considering (but haven't yet auditioned) the Savoy's. I'd love to learn from anyone who has had experience with either (or both:) of these speakers.

Thank you very much!
I've heard the Nova BE's once and the Grande Utopia BE's twice. I've not heard the Savoy's, but they are on my desktop (does that count?). I have heard the Andra II's, however. I'm sure you'll get varying opinions, but here's mine:

Audiophile = JM LABS
Musical = EgglestonWorks

Choose your poison.
Hi Ecamel, please check my system for my thoughts:

Savoys are really wonderful speakers.

Enjoy, luca.