JMW-9/Cartridge Problem

I'm trying to get 1.5 grams on my grado sonata
cartridge, and can't seem to get more than 1-1.25
grams of weight out of the jmw-9 arm mounted
on a scoutmaster. Is their anything i'm missing or do I need a different counterweight?
The Scoutmaster comes with a large(ish) counterweight standard. There IS a smaller one available from VPI. I got one from them myself in order to get a satisfactory VTF with the Dynavector 17D which is lighter than than the Grado in question. Blutak will work as a temporary solution. But, unless you are very accurate with its application, it will effect the azimuth of the arm in a negative manner.
I had the opposite problem with my Grado Reference Cartridge.I had it tracking at one point way over spec. at 2.6 grams with my Morch Arm.I realised this when I bought the Shure Precision Stylus Force Gauge SFG-2.
In my case my arm comes with 3 different counter weights
so I was able thru trial and error finally able to get it tracking at about 1.6 grams.I had on to large of a counter weight to begin with,and used my medium and small counterweight to balance things out.
My weights are a bit forward closer to the pivot ,But everything is working fine with my VPI MK3 Morch UP-4 Combo.
I'm not familiar with your arm.Do you have the option of using a heavier counterweight?Your cartridge weighs the same as mine so this may help alot.If not 1 or 2 small lead spacers between headshell and cartridge should help.
Will try to get ahold of vpi today to see about a smaller weight or spacers. I'm using the same shure scale.
I am perplexed at your difficulty. I have the same cartridge & arm and have had no problem dialing in anything between 1.5-2.0 grams using the standard dropped counterweight that came with the turntable/arm from VPI. No additional weight was required. No offense pointing out a seemingly obvious thing, but did you check to make sure all is ok with the Shure gauge? I have had the pivot point get sticky & bind on ocassion.