Joanne Shaw Taylor

"White Sugar" is the new album from Joanne Shaw Taylor and it is excellent. It's a funky blues/rock mixture and OMG can this chick play the guitar...just amazing. This was actually released last year, but I just heard about her.

It's like Stevie Ray Vaughn has been reincarnated into this young, smokin' hot guitar player. I sure can hear him in her music and playing.

She has a pretty cool voice too. Dark and husky and powerful...kind of reminds me of a early Melissa Etheridge or Bonnie Raitt.

Just listen to "Blackest Day" or "Just Another World". I'd love to see her live.

This is by far my favorite new album of the year.
When I grow up I want to play just like her!
Heard Diamonds yet?
How can she possibly be this good?!
I went to her show last night. I really can't believe what I witnessed she can share the stage with the best guitar players I have ever seen or heard. She was possessed from start to finish playing from a place inside and with power few guitarists have. She busted into SRV's Rude Mood and my jaw hit the floor, she is something special. I will say I wish she would turn the volume down, slow down a bit at times and would play more traditional Blues but I think she is out to prove a point that a girl can play with the guys. Check her out on youtube.