John Prine hospitalized with COVID-19

Very sad news. One of my musical heroes - John Prine, is in the hospital, in critical condition, with COVID-19. My thoughts and prayers go out to John, his family and friends, and everyone who loves him.
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John Prine hospitalized with COVID-19 like symptoms.

The diagnosis had not yet been confirmed at the time of the post from his family. Regardless, John is in the high risk category for age and other health issues.
Does not sound good.
Hope he can fight it off as he has a whole host of other illness already in his life.
Best wishes to him and his family.
As his wife tested positive for covid-19 it is very probable but yes it is not actually confirmed as such in that article.
However countless other sources state hospitalized with covid-19 .
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I saw Iris Dement, a close friend and collaborator of John’s (check You Tube), live earlier this month. As they say, we will not soon see his kind again. Hope he, like Jackson Browne, survives. Musicians are dime-a-dozen, songwriters a rare breed.
sad news. JP is so frail. I'm hoping for the best. he's one of my most favorite musicians and a cultural icon to many
I have been worried about him even before the virus as he has certainly had his health issues but inspite of that has plyed his craft with the best of them and always brings a smile to my face. Will be wishing him the best
Critical condition yesterday. Stable on a ventilator today. Hope he pulls through. 
Tom Rush has it too.

03-31-2020 2:11pmlast I heard he's out of ICU and headed in the right direction
Great News!
@tuberist  - That is good news. Let's hope his condition continues to move in a positive direction.