Johnny Cash cd's

help a newbie Cash fan out. Looking for well recorded, Live performances if any exist on CD. I love the way he tells story's, in particular "Boy Named Sue". Quality recordings in terms of sound would be a big bonus.
I'm a HUGE Cash fan, so I would probably recommend almost everything he ever recorded. "Folsom" and "San Quentin" are both remastered, and they sound very good, even though they're not "audiophile" recordings. My personal favorites are the four American recordings with Rick Rubin. The last one, "The Man Comes Around" is the most gut-wrenching and emotional album, regardless of genre, I've heard in a long time. The Man in Black went out with a serious bang with that record. And, to follow up on something Sgr said above, the American Recordings box set is as fitting a tribute to the man as has EVER been made. Its five CDs are chocked with outtakes and a ton of unreleased material from those sessions. What's mind-boggling to me is how uniformly high-quality most of the material is. Some of it is just as good or better than what made it onto the official records. And the in-studio chatter is a blast. It gives some real insight into his recording process at the time. Long live John R. Cash!
I bought "The Man Comes Around" great cd..thanks alot guys. Hurt is a tune I always thought could only been done by Trent Reznor, now...when I hear that song I only think of Cash. What a story teller. I'll be picking up 1 of his live recordings in the future.
Vinyl versions of the American Recordings are out there new; they sound great.
Like i said in my earlier post once Johnny Cash covers a song... it's his forever.