Johnny Cash

Sitting here with too much time and doing some much needed listening. I cued up the American IV The man comes around, Man ! What a powerful album! Great sonics and the music is just awesome. The Nine inch nails cover of hurt was just powerful. The man definitely had what it takes to stir a soul. What are we doing to have when all the greats are gone? LOL, I reckon new greats. Johnny you are missed RIP!
My friend and I just spun this 2-disc vinyl set the other night. I am with you on your assessment. The man in black was still bringing it. Another vinyl release I have my eye on is his first one on American, available on vinyl. However, it is import vinyl, and goes for $30. I think The man comes around only cost me $15-$20 some time ago. Agree w/ you on the sonics too, just awesome. If the sonics on the import are equal to TMCA, I will pay $30.00 w/o reservation. Anyone heard this one. Sorry for the slight diversion.
The first album I ever bought myself was circa 1967 or so from a TV ad. It was a two record collection of cash's Sun records hits. He's always been a favorite of mine. Few artists are able to resonate with so many of so many different backgrounds, young, old, and everywhere in between as has Johnny. He sings about things that most every person can relate to in some way. Plus his ying/yang personality and life and his epathy towards the downtrodden add to his mystique and appeal.

I saw him live once back in the 70's at the Nanuet Theatre Go Round in New York State.

I still uncover new gems by cash fairly regularly, some old, some new. His is a rich vane of music that one can take a lifetime almost to explore thoroughly.

truly one of a kind and an American legend!
His American Recordings efforts are awesome, but his earlier albums are well worth seeking out too. Just check CD Universe or Amazon or GEMM for a smattering. We’ll never see an icon of his like again—at least in my lifetime. I’m listening to “American VI: Ain’t No Grave” as I type, and it’s positively chilling the amount of energy and sheer will that he Man in Black was able to summon despite being perilously close to death. One of my all-time favorites, hands down.
Always loved Johnny Cash from the time I watched his variety show as a kid. A dvd is available with all sorts of amazing musical acts he featured on his show. It is to his credit that he promoted great artists in addition to his own wonderful music. His first American Recording is a favorite, along with his classic stuff.
The first time I saw the "Hurt" video it actually brought tears to my eyes.
Watch the video of Hurt on Youtube, very moving. That song gives me chills everytime I hear him perform it