Jolida 502A - Other owners, what speakers?

Got a Jolida 502A on the way and I need to get some speakers. What is everyone else with this amp using for speakers? I realize that my music taste, source and room layout will factor in but, if possible, I'd like a short list of what I should audition. Will probably be paired with a Pioneer DV-05 for now until I can get a Rega Planet Orig/2000. Thanks.
Thanks for the responses!

Anyone have any experience with the 502A and Usher? Specifically the x708, x718, or x719?

Haven't heard the 502a and Usher combination you mention, but I would think they would sound very well together. Perhaps you might want to sent an email to Bill Baker at Respond Audio asking him this question. Bill is well known for his "mods" to Jolida amps, and until recently used to be an Usher dealer. If anybody would know how Jolidas and Ushers sound together it would be him.

Anyway, here's a link
Mskeen, Your Jolida tube amp would sound great with a pair of Magneplanar 1.6's. Listen to them sometime and I think you'll really like them. I own a pair and when I first heard them I knew instantly that these were the speakers for me. You could pick up a pair of used ones on Audiogon for less than $1000.

If still of interest to you, Mskeen, I am using a 502B w/KT88s to drive Totem Forests. Sounds great to me.
Thanks for the kind words Cleaneduphippy.

I have several customers running the Jolida / Usher combination with most combinations using the Usher 718 or 719. This is an exceptional match according to the feedback.

A few are running with the Usher 6-series as well and having no problems. I have a few owners of the modified Jolida units or 3205 units wanting to try out the new BE-718 due to be released soon. I will be eager to hear their comments.