Jolida JD-9 and Dynavector 23RS Question

Hi - anyone here know if a Jolida JD-9 step up with either the hi output (0.5 mV - 1.5 mV) or the or the low output (0.25 mV - 0.5 mV) will work well (sound good) with a Dynavector 23RS (which has 0.2 mv of output)? The Jolida seems to work with a Denon 103R (which has 0.25 mV of output) but not the Dynavector - any thoughts? Maybe the low output is too low and the high output is too high?

I own the JD9, and unless the rest of your system has extremely low gain, the JD9 should accommodate just about any cartridge. Mine sounds great with every cartridge I've used. What leads you to believe it won't work with the Dyna 23RS?

Thanks - Over the last day it looks like the problem has been identified; seems that the Jolida has an issue - might be a bad capacitor. Thanks again for the reply.